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StroboPro is your go-to online strobe tuner designed specifically for professional musicians. Whether you play the guitar, ukulele, piano, or any other instrument, StroboPro makes tuning a breeze. By utilizing your device's microphone, StroboPro accurately detects pitch and visually displays it, helping you achieve perfect harmony in your music.

StroboPro Tuner

What is a Strobe Tuner?

Strobe tuners use a light pulsed by the sound from your instrument to visualize what all of the harmonics of your instrument are doing on a patterned, spinning wheel. If your instrument is even the slightest bit out of tune, then you will see motion in the pattern. Strobe tuners are the most accurate tuners available, and are used by professional musicians and luthiers to get the best possible sound from their instruments. StroboPro is a strobe tuner that uses the microphone on your device to visualize the harmonics of your instrument, and help you tune it to perfection.

History of the Strobe Tuner

The first strobe tuner was created by the Conn company in 1936. It was a large, heavy, and expensive piece of equipment that was used by professional musicians and luthiers to get the best possible sound from their instruments. In the 1970s, Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. created the first portable strobe tuner, and it quickly became the go-to tuner for professional musicians and luthiers, and in modern times, Peterson has released several electronic tuners called StroboStomp, StroboRack, and StroboClip, and they also released a popular app called iStroboSoft for iOS and Android. StroboPro takes these amazing innovations and modernizes them by adding true harmonic tracking for an easier-to-use user experience compared to classic strobe technology.

StroboPro Strobe Tuning Made Easy

StroboPro takes the complexity out of tuning by presenting a user-friendly interface that works like a classic strobe tuner. As you play a note, the harmonic arcs will show you if you're perfectly in tune. When the display remains steady, your instrument is perfectly tuned. If the arcs rotate clockwise, you're slightly sharp; if they go counter-clockwise, you're a touch flat. It's like having a tuning expert right at your fingertips!

Features that Set Us Apart

Fundamental and Harmonics

Most instruments don't produce a single tone when played; they produce a fundamental tone, and a series of harmonic tones that are multiples of the fundamental tone. Your ears hear each of these harmonics and the fundamental, and StroboPro shows you all of these, individually.

Speed and Position

The speed and position of the arcs around the note display indicates the difference between the ideal frequency and what StroboPro is hearing. When your tuning is getting "close," this position is generated from a direct comparison between the audio stream and an internal signal, so it works just like a true strobe tuner. Outside of "close" the speed of each arc is limited to keep it visible.

Strobe Brightness

You will notice that the strobes will fade in and out while rotating. The strength of each strobe indicates the strength of the fundamental/harmonic in comparison to the other tones that StroboPro is hearing.

Cents and Frequency Display

Unlike the position and speed of the strobe arcs, the cents and frequency displays are generated using an FFT. As a result, they will likely not exactly match what the strobes are telling you. You can use the cents and frequency displays to get close to the ideal frequency, and then use the strobes to dial it in.

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Fine-Tune with Microphone Sensitivity

StroboPro is smart. It adjusts its sensitivity to filter out background noise, focusing solely on your instrument's frequencies. This means it locks onto the notes you play and ensures accurate tuning without interference.

Set Your Preferred Reference Frequency...

... to play with your friends! The default reference frequency, A4 at 440Hz, is the starting point for precise tuning. If you need a different reference, no worries! StroboPro lets you customize this setting in the options. Your last chosen frequency will be remembered by StroboPro.

Perfect Your Sound with Various Instruments and Temperaments

StroboPro understands that every musician has unique preferences. Choose from different temperaments to suit your musical style - just explore the settings to find the one that resonates with you. Plus, whether you're a guitarist, ukulele enthusiast, or play another instrument, StroboPro has you covered. It supports chromatic mode and specific instruments, each with its own special offsets to ensure accurate tuning.

Pro Tip: For those who want an extra layer of customization, you can set a custom instrument cents offset in addition to the temperament cents offset for each note.

Save Your Settings Across Devices with Google Login

Enjoy seamless access to your custom settings, temperaments, and instrument preferences across all your devices by logging in with your Google credentials. StroboPro's convenient login feature ensures that your tuning experience is consistent and personalized, no matter where you play.

Record Mode: Effortless Instrument Tuning

Introducing the innovative "Record" mode! When adding a new instrument, simply use record mode while adding each string of your instrument and let StroboPro do the work for you. StroboPro listens for the exact tuning/note of each string as you play, automatically capturing and adding the tuning information. Say goodbye to manual input - with StroboPro, your instrument's temperament is accurately recorded without any typing required.

See a video of "Record Mode" in action

Troubleshooting Tips for a Smooth Tuning Experience

No Sound Detected Check microphone access and connection. Restart browser if needed.
Tuning Accuracy Off Check reference frequency and instrument selection to ensure accurate tuning.
Not Locking to Notes Ensure you've chosen the correct instrument or switch to Chromatic mode for a more general tuning approach.

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