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StroboPro tuner is an online strobe tuner for all types of instruments, and uses the microphone to detect the pitch that you play with your instrument. To use StroboPro, you just need to know which notes you need to tune to. It displays the notes it hears, and how far the that note is from perfectly on pitch.

What is a Strobe Tuner

A classic strobe tuner uses the signal that is being tuned to flash a strobe light at a wheel spinning at the ideal frequency of the note. If the incoming frequency exactly matches the spinning wheel, then the wheel will appear to be standing still. If there is even the slightest difference between the incoming frequency and the ideal frequency, then the wheel will appear to be spinning left or right.

StroboPro Strobe Tuning

StroboPro has the same functionality as a classic strobe tuner, but using a digital version of the classic strobe tuner, directly converting the difference in the input signal and the ideal frequency to "spinning" harmonics displays by continually comparing the two waveforms over time. Using DSP, StroboPro can show several harmonics at once.

The Strobe display of StroboPro is very precise and accurate, allowing even tiny differences in tunings to result in visible movement in the harmonics displays.

Your instrument is "in tune" when the strobe tuner display is not spinning at all. If the strobe tuner is spinning clockwise, your note is sharp. If it is spinning counter-clockwise, your note is flat. Adjust until it no longer spins!

The inner strobe indicates the strength and direction of the fundamental, and the additional strobes (moving towards the outside) indicate the 2nd harmonic, 3rd harmonic, and so on.

Microphone Sensitivity

StroboPro will automatically adjust it's sensitivity to the background noise, and any frequencies that suddenly appear "over and above" the background noise will be locked-on-to.

Reference Frequency

The default reference frequency for A4 is 440Hz. You may adjust this up and down using the reference menu setting, and the most recent setting will be saved locally to the browser.

Instruments and Temperaments


Select your preferred temperament according to your needs. We have listed the most frequently used ones in the settings menu. *


StroboPro supports chromatic mode as well as several instruments including guitar, ukelele, nyckelharpa, etc. Some instruments may define an offset from equal temperament for each note. *

* NOTE: If the chosen custom instrument also includes a cents offset from equal temperament, the cents offset of the instrument will be added to the cents offset for the temperament for each note.

Troubleshooting StroboPro

Symptom Resolutions
It seems that StroboPro does not hear anything after pressing the "Press to Tune" button Ensure you have not "blocked" microphone access for StroboPro. As it is a web app, access to the microphone is only granted to the app if you have allowed it explicitly after navigating to the page.
If you are using a Bluetooth or wired headset, try unplugging or disconnecting it
Try restarting your browser.
Try another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.
StroboPro's tuning is "off". Check your reference frequency (default = 440Hz)
StroboPro doesn't lock to certain notes Check your chosen instrument. Set instrument to "None (Chromatic)" to detect all possible notes.

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